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Marcus Hite mbhite at
Sun Jun 6 14:43:09 PDT 1999

Larkin O'Kane [AKA Charlie Cain] wrote:

> On 6 Jun 99, at 10:07, Marcus Hite wrote:
> <Marquet here> ............there are no real requirements to becoming a cadet,
> > but before you take a red scarf form someone,  my advice is get to know
> > them first.....Maybe become their student for awhile and see if you can
> > learn from them and if you can get along....
> <Larkin here>You seem to make a difference between Student and Cadet.  Would
> you
> explain the differences that you see between the two?  I can see where a
> person can be a student without being a cadet, but I fail to see where the
> opposite can be true.

Greetings Larkin and list,

I never said that a cadet was not a student; however there are some Dons who
will take a student for a time, and if it all works out later they will become
the dons cadet.  If it doesn't work out then there is no formilized cadet/Don
relationship and the student can seek a new Don to cadet to, without hurting
anyones feelings.  Let me give you an example. .............I'll be the example,
my story is below.....

Almost 2 years ago I started a Don search,  I thought I was ready to become a
cadet, and I wanted to find myself a Don.  At that point I might have accepted a
red scarf from one was offering though(thank you). Still, I was on
a  quest to find a Don.  I tried to meet as many Dons as I could. somewhere
along  this quest I grew!  Doing so,  I found out that I didn't just want a red
scarf....I wanted to find a Don that I could: learn from, be friends with, have
a good time with, and  shared some views with.   Someone I respected and that
would respect me as well.   Someone who chould help me become the best I could
become.  I started to view Dons as people too and not just Dons.   I found Don
Donovan,  we seemed to click right away (good sign),  He was the "Baby" Don of
our kingdom at the time.   We talked and later I became his student.  I have
been his student for sometime now. In this time,  I have got to know the man
behind the to speak, and he has gotten to know me as well.   And this
is where the story is now.  I am very happy to claim to be a student to Don
Donovan, and someday I will behappy to be his cadet.

So now that you have read this you I hope you understand that for me rapier has
four  steps....
unscarfed  (nothing wrong with this!)
Don /White Scarf...of course I hope to be a Don before I am a White
Scarf.....but that is another thread altogether........

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Student to Don Donovan
Shire of Aldersruhe, Ansteorra

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