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Mon Jun 7 07:53:36 PDT 1999

On Sunday, June 06, 1999 4:43 PM, Marquet de la Heyt, Student to Don Donovan
[snip of Marquet's admirable story of looking for a Don, becoming a Student
to Don Donovan and hoping, one day, to be his cadet snipped]

> So now that you have read this you I hope you understand that 
> for me rapier has
> four  steps....
> unscarved  (nothing wrong with this!)
> student
> cadet
> Don /White Scarf...of course I hope to be a Don before I am a White
> Scarf.....but that is another thread altogether........

Are you, then, stating it is your belief that these steps must be followed
as the "Path" to White Scarfhood, so to speak? Steps would imply you must
take one to get to the next, although some of us with long legs do tend to
skip a step or two. :) I only wonder if this answers Amerinda's question by
saying you feel that to be a WS one should first be a cadet, despite the
very few examples to the contrary.

Honos Servio,
Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
(Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio, TX)
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