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Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Sun Aug 27 16:41:14 PDT 2000

Unto the good peoples of Ansteorra, and especially our most cherished Rapier 
Community, warm greetings from the Companions of the Order of the Rose in 
the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Together as an Order, the Companions of the Rose are expending much thought 
and creative energy on certain forthcoming endeavors.

As an introduction to a series of tournaments we are calling "The Defenders 
of the Rose," the Companions of the Rose in Ansteorra will be sponsoring a 
rapier tourney to be held on Sunday at Three Kings in November.

This initial tournament will be only the first of many which we hope to 
continue sponsoring with ever-growing beauty and pageantry. It is our intent 
to hold many such tournaments for the Rapier, Chivalric, Archery and 
Equestrian Communities. We are also exploring ways to create competitions 
for Bards and Artisans of our Kingdom. The Roses would be pleased to see 
many gentles win a position of honor among "The Company of Defenders of the 

We hope to present these tournaments for the enjoyment of the populace
throughout the many regions of our grand Kingdom.

The winner of each of the forthcoming Defender Lists will become a Member of 
the Company of Defenders of the Rose, a title of honor only. The title 
requires no formal duties, except those the Defenders choose to levy upon 
themselves, and each Defender will receive a ring of precious metals from 
the Companions of the Rose who are there assembled.

At each of the forthcoming Defender Lists, the assembled Companions of the 
Rose will also be granting largess to those who display great prowess, deeds 
of chivalry and courtesy, deaths of great drama, artistry of unique talent, 
stirring renditions of bard craft or whatever pleases the Companions 
throughout the tournament.

In honor of the Rapier Community and of the great esteem in which each
individual is endlessly held by the Companions of the Rose, we have chosen 
to conduct our first "Defenders of the Rose List" for the Rapier Community.

We thank the Three Kings event-stewards for providing us a chance to expand 
upon their wonderful event and create additional revelry and fun. In 
addition to the Defender of the Rose List, the Companions of the Rose will 
also be sponsoring a Youth Rapier List, whose rounds will be held at the 
completion of each round in the Defender list.

It is our sincerest hope that the Rapier Community will treasure and enjoy 
this first of our Defenders of the Rose tournaments, for all of you add a 
special joy and honor all your own to our lives and to our Dream.

In Service to Ansteorra,

The Companions of the Order of the Rose in Ansteorra

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