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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Sun Aug 27 20:45:10 PDT 2000

First let me apologize for being so tardy in my response, I have been a bit 
busy these past few days.

You are quite correct Don Modius that the Order of the Rose has been in the 
planing stages of a slightly different, but very similar tournament concept 
for some weeks. I will be at three kings to offer whatever skill I may to 
their most gracious effort.

It is my wish to forge forward with the tournament concept I have presented 
on this list as well. I am in hopes that the tourney that I call "Honoring 
the Rose" will be held at Elfsea Springfaire this coming May. From that 
point, I would like to continue the tournament every two years. There is no 
title on the line and really no great and beautiful prize of any tangible 
worth, meerly the opportunity to celebrate those who are members of the 
Order of the Rose.

The Order of the Rose has been most kind and generous in creating this 
series of tournaments to chose the Defenders of the Rose. As they honor us 
with their love and admiration I would Honor them with A Tournament where in 
we fight to give them the honor they so richly deserve.

In faith
HL Darius of the Bells

Don Modius Said;
>Actually, Darius, I thought the Roses had come up with this concept.
>Countess Sara mentioned the concept to me a while back when the Roses were
>first discussing this concept and are even now hammering out details on
>where and when the first tourney will be held.
>Don Modius

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