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Mon Mar 19 07:07:42 PST 2001

For those of you dying to know (ahem) how fares the fellow who had to be
carried off the field in the last round of the no-white-scarves open field
battle on Saturday at Gulf -- which would be me -- here's the low-down:

What happened: During the first round, a leg muscle already fairly tight from,
er, a lot of walking (at the event) and running (straight into the Trimaran
line -- you remember). got pulled further when turning to leave the field.
Dona Gwynneth (apologies for misspellings) quickly provided ibuprofen and
after some rest and leg-rubbing I decided to participate in the last two
rounds but asked to be given a non-running task.  All went well in the second
round, but in the third, late in the battle, HRH Trimaris (or so I'm told)
back-pedaled into, nay, over me, and a quite awkward tumble ensued.

The chirurgeon deemed me to have mildly pulled a muscle and also to be having
muscle spasms possibly brought on in part by insufficient hydration during the
week (well, so he says).  It hurt like all bejeebers at the time, but after
some rest I could walk on it acceptably as long as I didn't bend the knee
much.  This is basically the state of affairs as of Monday morning, except I
can bend it fine -- slowly -- if there's no weight on it.  Still shuffling a
bit, but I'm taking ibuprofen and my lady and friends have been very helpful
in permitting me to stay off of it when possible.  Hopefully I can be up and
fighting again by Sunday, because I am more fired up about rapier now than I
have been in a long time, thanks to the War.

Special thanks to my Don, Don Timothy, whose concern for my well-being and
assistance in all things is more appreciated than I can express; to my
cadet brother and my other friends who checked on me as soon as they were
able; and of course most of all to my lady Emma.  For all my brothers and
sisters in arms, I wish I could have stood with you after the battle, but the
chirurgeon wouldn't let me stop filling out paperwork. :)

changing his Plume name from "Grampy Plume" to "Gimpy Plume"

Shri Chandranath, Cadet to Don Timothy
Pursuivant Extraordinaire
Captain of the Plumes of the Shire of Mooneschadowe
( mka Russ Smith - )
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