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> I can help you on the princesses blade. or part of it.
> It was created by Ld Yoshi Hakimura(sp?) he forged the guard and did the
> initial work on the blade.
> The cadets presented it to Octavia at a Steppes warlord. THere were 6
> Cadets there to present the blade to her. I'm sure Avery will correct me if
> I am off.

More on that history. A few cadets were with the then princess Octavia when
she turned to us ( I remember myself and Kayliegh) and said that it would be
nice if the cadets had something to hold for her as the centurians had a
spear for his highness. we told her to give us 20 mins. In 20 mins we had
found a few other cadets and lord Yoshi and came back to her and told her she
would have a splended blade for her at stepps if that would not be to long to
wait. She was very happy and it was done. :o)

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