[Ansteorra-rapier] Clarification (was: Cadets Corner)

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Reading my statement, I realize that I inadvertently worded in such a way
that it could be read in ways I didn't want.  Bad bard!

It would have been better worded that some people had mentioned, that where
they were, people didn't appear to want to fight them because they weren't
interested in going for a red or white scarf.

This was one person, who still lives in kingdom.   Since we were wondering
why we seem to be down in numbers, I mentioned this,  since if even one
person felt this way, others might that we never hear from.  The unfortunate
thing about this, is that at best this is always a matter of perception.  I
have never seen anybody hesitant to fight me, and I'm pretty new, so it's
obviously not been true for me.

Also, the white scarves can't do it all.  The one thing I've noticed most is
that the dons and Dona's are usually trying to fight everybody as it is.
Everybody should be doing this.  Heck even if you're new, you probably know
more than someone who is trying to figure out which end to stick in the
other person.  If this perception exists at all, it's bad.   The community
must reach out, not just the white scarves.  I may be wrong, but my
perception is that one thing most of the white scarves seem to be good at is
being willing to teach.   But they can't be the only ones willing to impart

If you're an experienced fighter, take time out to fight with someone less
experienced.  Show off your ability to teach.   That new fighter in the
ratty loaner gear might someday be fighting you in the finals of a
tournament.  You never know.  That's the funny thing about things like this.
You just never know...

AKA Pubear of bjornsborg

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> I did a long time ago and I simple told her she had to ask and she would
> help and I offered and helped her the one fighter practice and she got
> help, but she moved to caid and is a countess there now.
> Carlos
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> >>4) On the need for new blood.  I have heard of people interested in
> >>that said that unless you weren't interested in being a cadet or white
> >>scarf, nobody would train you.  Has anybody else heard this?
> >
> >
> >Sorry for responding so late on this, but life's been *BUSY* lately, and
> >I'm only now getting to play email catch-up. Anyway...
> >
> >Can you clarify that statement a bit? did you really mean that you'd
> >that unless a fighter *isn't* interested in becoming a Cadet or WS,
> >would train them?
> >
> >Or was it a typo and you meant that only those who *were* interested in
> >being Cadets or WS's would get training?
> >
> >The first option seems just weird and backwards to me, the second seems
> >more likely, if rather narrow-minded of any trainers who actually do
> >
> >Me, I'm willing to work with anybody; the problem is that I'm frequently
> >unable to do so because of other obligations. (For example, at Queen's
> >yesterday, I was out in the third round, but I spent the rest of the
> >tournament marshalling, then had half an hour to take down and pack my
> >pavillion before the White Scarf meeting, then Court, helping to serve
> >feast and it was time to close the hall and go home.)
> >
> > -Tivar Moondragon
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