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GabriDAvila@netscape.net GabriDAvila at netscape.net
Tue Jan 29 07:44:20 PST 2002

The Shire of Brad Leah invites you to join us for
Brad Leah's Ansteorran Tribute & War Party

February 8th-10th, 2002


Come and see what excitement awaits you!
There will be heavy and light fighting scenarios, siege practice, an A & S display, and classes as well as other entertainments. There will be a Silent Auction and Free Feast.  Site is once again the beautiful Camp Graham Ball located near Archer City, TX.

Site opens at 5 pm on Friday, Feb. 8th and closes at Noon on Sunday, Feb.10th.

Site fee is FREE! There will, however, be a donation jar at gate. All donations will go to the Kingdom.


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