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Lady Simone simone at elfsea.net
Sun Nov 17 18:57:44 PST 2002

>From Don Edward

Forwarded for Don Edward

Are you tired of going to events and not getting enough fighting?  Tired
of going to events where there is only one tourney format?  Tired of
going to events wher everyone stops fighting when it gets dark?

If so, then you will want to come to Emerald Tourney in Waco this

There will be a swiss five rapier tourney starting at about12:30,
immediately following this will be a three man melee tourney sponsored
by Don Edward, and last, but not least, there will be a torchlight
tourney that evening.  On Sunday, there will be a rapier war practice
for everyone who can stay over, or come back that day. ( And if you
still don't get enough fighting in, look
Edward up and I'll see what I can do.)

We didn't leave the Heavy fighters out either.  There will be a swiss
five tourney in the morning, pickup fights in the afternoon, and a
torchlight tourney that night.  There will be a war practice on Sunday
if enough fighters stay over or come back out.

Is armour not your thing, you prefer archery or live steel, we will have

Like to help out with the fighting, but really don't want to get banged
up?  The Central Region Knight marshall will be giving a heavy combat
marshalls class on Saturday.

So come out to Emerald Tourney this weekend and fight til' ya
drop.(Actually, the chirurgeons ask that you stop just before you drop.)

I look forward to seeing you all there!
Don Edward

Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing

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