[Ansteorra-rapier] BOD ruling

David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.net
Mon Aug 4 16:30:52 PDT 2003

Caliban wrote:
>>If there's a move to outlaw intentional
>>weapon to body contact,
>>then that rather puts a damper on all combat!  
> Except that this only rules out intentional BODY TO
> BODY contact, which is, I think, the point Iago has
> been trying to make, without all the silliness that
> has ensued.
> I think you folks are either:
> A) trying to read too much into the new rule, or
> B) letting the well deserved fencer's sense of
> distrust towards the BOD take over your keyboard.  :)
> *imagining Iago screaming at the computer monitor,

Interesting mental picture, thanks.
The silliness started with disallowing intentional body to body contact.

David Gallowglass

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