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Greetings to fair Ansteorra!

The time of War is drawing close upon us!  Every fighter will be needed to
take up arms against our honorable foe and travel to Gulf Wars to help
Ansteorra to victory!

Please find below a list of events where we will be hosting Rapier War
practices.  There will be more details coming soon.

Jan 26 - Queen's Champion - Elfsea FP site on Sunday 10-1
Feb 2 - Candlemas - Bryn Gwlad FP site on Sunday 11-2
Feb 8 - Tribute to Ansteorra - Eldern Hills on Saturday (classes)
Feb 22 - Day at the Pas de Armes - Raven's Fort on Sat (melee tourney all

Please let me know if you have any questions.  My contact information is

For Ansteorra, Victory!
Conor Drummond
Colonel, Ansteorran Rapier armies

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