[Ansteorra-rapier] Youth Rapier: New Rules!

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Mon Jul 18 18:25:21 PDT 2005

Greetings from the Kingdom Youth Rapeir Marshal!

We have new Youth Rapier Rules! Huzzah! 

Thank you to His Majesty Jason and Our Earl Marshal Duke Patrick Michael and our 
Kingdom Rapier Marshal Master Ansgar for all of their attention and work on helping me 
to get these rules created and approved. 

So now we need to make sure everyone is aware of the new rules. 

Much like the Adult Combat Marshalate recently did, the Youth Rapier Marshalate is 
reorganizing. That means everyone involved in Youth Rapier will need to reauthorize. 
That means you need to take a class about the new rules. That means all of your cards 
will expire no later than December 1, 2005 no matter what is printed on the one you 
currently have. (I'd love to have everyone recarded by the end of October, so help me 

Most of the changes should be welcome and only make the youth game more like the 
adult's. However, there are some critical regulations that everyone needs to be very 
aware of. 

The new rules Dated July 16, 2005 should be posted and available in the Complete 
Partcipant's Handbook online in the very near future. In the mean time I can send copies 
of the rules in PDf format through email, just send an email to me directly for that. 

If there is enough time and interest I can hold the first of these New Rules Discussions 
at Queen's Champion. Please contact me if you will be needing one of these clasess so 
we can coordinate it. 

I may also be at Gothic War and Steppes Artisan and can handle it there if there is 
sufficient interest, but you must let me know. 

If you are a Local or Regional Youth Rapier Marshal and have not sent in a report in the 
last month you are no longer authorized, so contact me ASAP. 

If you are a Youth Rapier Field Marshal and are not sure of your status, contact me. I 
want to make sure everyone who wants to be involved in Youth Rapier is able to do so. 

Youth and their Parents (or whichever adult accompanies them to tournaments) will also 
have to take this class. So contact me to make arrangements. 

There are many groups and areas out there that do not currently have any Youth Rapier 
Marshallate support listed or authorized for their area. Please help me to help you get 
the resources you need. Contact me! 

Please feel free to discuss anything with me when you see me. But email is the best 
contact if you want me to remember to act on something. Feel free to follow up a 
discussion with an email; then I have your contact information right in front of me with 
your request. 

Contact me via email at
elizabeth at crouchet.com

In Service,
Claire Shayhan
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal 

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