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Thu Mar 23 18:23:15 PST 2006

I think this note directly from His Highness should clear this up  --Hope 
this helps--Lady Stephanie Winter von Brandenburg, cadet to Don Avery Shaw

A Statement from His Highness Meridies

Please feel free to
cross post as needed.
Jean-Michel KRM Meridies.

To the members of the Known World reading this list.

I am Godwine, current Prince of Meridies. Many on your list have been
quoting and responding to their perceived directives for my upcoming Reign.
Take this time to hear what my views actually are, then feel free to

First, I am receiving news from all over the Known World that I have quashed
fencing in Meridies. Let me be clear!  This is not true! We will not be
sponsoring fencing during our reign, and we will not have a fencing champion
during our reign. I do not fence. I do not enjoy watching fencing. I have
personal views on the safety of fencing and its place in the SCA as it
currently performed, but these are my *personal* views which are not
manifested in my royal prerogative. I do not wish to negatively impact
fencing in Meridies.

I understand that many derive pleasure from this activity, and we will not
interfere with that enjoyment, nor will we impede their involvement in
fencing or rapier in any way. I am not banishing fencing or fencers from my
presence. I am not banning fencing, nor do I wish fencing canceled from
events that we may attend -- nor any events for that matter. Furthermore,
please do not presume to correlate my dislike for fencing to a dislike for
fencers. I have only been treated with courtesy and respect during any
interaction that I have had with fencing in the past. Moreover, as HRH
Francesca was viewing a rapier battle recently at Gulf Wars, one of the
fighters took time out to explain to the Princess what was going on and the
scheme of the battle, and we appreciated that.

In closing, let me say that I will not be ignoring Meridian fencing or
rapier. At Gulf Wars, I entertained conversation with Sir Brian McBrand and
have agreed to review the "side-sword" experiment and cut and thrust rapier
actives as soon as he puts together a presentation. Jean-Michel has
sponsored these reviews, and we should see more of these period actives in
the future. I hope that this completely covers my views on this matter. Feel
free to contact me directly on this or any other subject in the future.

In Service to Meridies,


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