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This post is mainly for local/warranted rapier marshals, but I'd like anyone's constructive input.  
Do you have any heavy rapier fighting gear (sword and/or gorget) in your local groups' equipment?
No we do not.
If not, are you willing to talk with your group's seneschal and treasurer about the possibility of buying the equipment?
I would, but the first question they are going to ask is what is the cost. If we could get a price, we might be able to convince our finance committes to give us the money.
Would you be interested in joining a bulk order with Darkwood to get equipment for your group?
If it makes it cheaper, yes,
Also, for everyone else:
I don't know if he is going to have a minimum or maximum number of swords that can be ordered at once.  Provided that spaces are available, would anyone be interested in joining in on the order, just to have a (possibly another) blade to use or loan out?
Heck yes.
HL Toshiro Koi
Rapier Marshal for the barony of Bonwicke 
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