[Ansteorra-rapier] Spears for heavy Rapier

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Well said. I would add that even the best of our C&T authorized  
fighters could not maintain enough control in melée to perform it  
safely, I know I couldn't.


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On Apr 20, 2009, at 11:56 AM, Kevin Wilson <kevwilson at swbell.net> wrote:

> I seriously doubt we'll ever see a C&T in melees, and I'm not sure  
> I'd want to unless under VERY special and controlled circumstances.   
> Since we cannot have C&T fighting vs. rapier, everyone would have to  
> be doing C&T, and I know I wouldn't want an entire army of rapier  
> fighters doing C&T.
> C&T isn't just 'grad school rapier', being done by more advanced/ 
> experienced fighters.  It's the study of Historical Technique being  
> applied in a way that is still considered new to the SCA.  The  
> Society tends to allow anyone who didn't injure their opponent in an  
> authorization fight the OK to fight with rapier (both heavy and  
> light).  That is not the case for C&T, nor should it be.  Every  
> authorized C&T fighter has trained and shown that they can fight  
> with technique and control under any circumstance they are likely to  
> face.  It is FAR too easy to escalate calibration in melees.  Doing  
> so with a rapier leads to hard shots and lack of control,  
> occasionally injuring someone.  Lack of control and hard hits in C&T  
> will OFTEN injure someone.
> As for the spear/pike idea, while I'd love for melees to become more  
> historically accurate, I think that the potential for injury and  
> squabbling is greater than what we'd gain from doing it.
> Corvin
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