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     I've done Pike Skirmishes in the past for English Civil War Society. We used four inches of pool noodle, duct taped to 10 feet of  liner round (closet rod). A muslin bag was secured over this. The pike looks like a q-tip. For safeties sake the weapon can only be used one way:
       From the Charged Position- Pike level, Right arm extended, right hand cupped around the pike butt. Left hand under chin.  Your upper body stays in this position. The pike should not move.  Right leg stay planted. Step on left leg. Like a lunge. Aim for mask or chest. The step produces all the force need, as the pike head is solid.
 Of course this was only done with small groups.  It's an idea.
 In England, they use full size shafts with no pike heads. The pike push turns into a rugby scrum. As both sides get close to each other,  the head ends go into the air. There is no contact. It looks good for the crowds but is not a true combat simulation.
    No matter what we do, we are going to run into this wall. The safer you make the simulation, the futher you get from the actual tool. Look at our Heavy bretherans weapons 

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I don't like the thought of using simulators that are so far from historic examples. Gassion Navarre's Sent from my iPhone On Apr 20, 2009, at 12:43 PM, Elizabeth Crouchet wrote: > So it sounds like lots of people would like to find a spear to play > with. > > The general consensus seems to be that some kind of metal blade on the > end won't work but some kind of padded end might. > > The chiv community currently uses a padded end spear. But many do not > think crossing over this one as-is would be a good idea. > > OK, so let's take the idea of the Chiv spear with the padded end, not > the low profile end. That one already has a lot of kinks worked out of > it. What might have to be different to make a spear workable for > rapier? > > If not that one, then do any of the LARP groups have one they play > with > that we could copy from? They might have also worked out many kinks > with > their designs. > > I'd also suggest that while testing whatever we come up with that a > ny > shot with a spear that touches you is "good" on whatever it hits, no > matter how light. Let's err on the side of caution. > > And since this seems to be intended for Heavy Rapier melees, it > might be > good to consider this an advanced form for Heavy Rapier (and leave C&T > out of it). If we can't make it work for the masses, even as a > separate > authorization, then it will never be enough fun to play with. > > Any construction techies out there want to try their hand again at > creating a possibly workable spear? > > I'd be willing to play with them, I think. > > Claire > > _______________________________________________ > Ansteorra-rapier mailing list > Ansteorra-rapier at lists.ansteorra.org > http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/ansteorra-rapier-ansteorra.org > _______________________________________________ Ansteorra-rapier mailing list Ansteorra-rapier at lists.ansteorra.org http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/ansteorra-rapier-ansteorra.org
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