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Wed Apr 4 15:41:29 PDT 2001

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

On rare occasions, I've used tape recorders in rehearsal to help the
performers hear how they sound - so they can understand how to improve
their performance.
I've also learned songs by listening to recordings over & over & over.  :)  

As far as I know, there are no recordings of my actual performances - thank
goodness!  There is no substitute for the actual experience:  a performance
is so much more than the sound; it is also the color of cloth, the shine of
steel, the smell of smoke, the chill in the air, the mood of the crowd, and
the magic of the moment.  

I would be curious to know how Willow learned her stories?  I learned mine
by reading & researching & carefully considering how I wanted them to look
and sound.  I encourage others to do the same.  I am also glad to share my
sources, and to offer suggestions.

I would be curious to know how Lucais learned to perform?  I learned by
observing others, taking chances, making mistakes, and trusting the counsel
of those I respect.  I was also encouraged by patrons and appreciative



At 05:25 PM 04/03/2000, Willow wrote:
>Dear  Kyleena
>Please don't get me wrong. I believe in oral tradition. I believe in  it 
>so much  that I can't seem to tell my stories to machines. I seem to
>unable to talk  into  a recorder. or us a computer to write. I don't mean
> to  be a downer but if something doesn't  turn around  at  events I 
>will be leaving  the SCA. I lived the SCA for persona  and the magic. Now
> I get put down do much for doing  anything  that isn't "real".  I am not
> having any fun.  Being  the  "real" me is boring. I don't want to  talk 
>about my mundane life or my personal  life.  I just want to  play. No
>play - no Willow. I thought I would give the bards some  time  to record 
>the  data I have in  my head before I am gone. To many of our old bards
>just left and took everything  with them.  I can forgive the ones that
>died but the  other  should  of tried to  share things. On  the dying
>part I have 2 near dead experiences in  the last  5 years and  I am not
>getting any younger. We need some folklorist who will help us record our
>oral  traditions.

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