Bards - Tag Tale part 6

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Ysfael left off with:

> The chief started forward, but the woman stayed him with a touch to his 
>  Then she spoke."I want you to meet our daughter...
Well, we can't just leave this here...

Sven blanched, which is quite a sight in a Dane.  Suddenly the pair's 
interest in him was horribly clear.  Visions of the lovely, blonde, 
well-bosomed maids of his homeland, and the fiery, lissome vixens of Eire 
flashed before him, seemingly slipping through his numbed fingers.  Ymir's 
teeth!   How homely could this Highland wench be that they couldn't find some 
Scot to bed and wed her--or at worst some Englishman?
He turned, looking for a weak point in the ring of foes, and saw only cold 
eyes and teeth bared in what could be jeers or grimaces or derisive laughter, 
but never smiles.  And more of them kept coming.  He fingered his axe, and 
suddenly wished he'd carried a sword this outing.  It would've been easier to 
fall on.  Nothing to do then but try his best to force them to kill him, and 
hope the Valkyr were watching.
He focused on the village chief, figuring on making the most of his death.  
But the man was looking, not at him, but over his shoulder.  "Aah, here she 
comes now!" he said.  Something, a morbid form of curiosity, made Sven 
hesitate, and turn to compare this sow to Gunther's.
His eyes widened in disbelief.  Twice.  First, the woman approaching was a 
vision of feminine perfection.  Hair the color of Byzantine gold.  Eyes like 
Norwegian tarns.  Broad of shoulder and wide of hip, amply-endowed and narrow 
of waist, muscular of arm and thigh.  She was dressed in white fur and 
deerskin, and wore studded greaves and boots.
And second he KNEW her, at least by sight.  She'd been one of the servers the 
night of Gunther's bet.
And--his eyes narrowed again--he now remembered her conversing with Olaf, his 
steersman.  He looked around, spotted Olaf...

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