Bards - Tag Tale Part 4

Meggan Joels leighscott at
Wed Jan 10 07:24:30 PST 2001

>the townsfolk ran they screamed, "Run for your lives, it is Sven

Sven began to swear. Word could not possibly travel faster than his 
longship! How could the Scots have heard the story of Gunther's pig before 
his arrival? And how far had word spread? If they already knew in Ireland, 
his plan was shot along with his quickly shattering reputation.

Sven suddenly found himself devoid of Scots to fight. He chuckled, perhaps 
his prowess had scared them off.

But he was wrong, for out of the fog they stepped as one. And it was then 
Sven saw that in reality his men were those captured, and he was surrounded.

Forward stepped the regal clan chief, flanked by a warrior on one side, and 
a lovely woman on the other. "Is it true?" the chief asked. "This story my 
daughter has told me?"

next! do with it as you will :P
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