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Olaf grinned a wide grin. The slight gap between his two front teeth betrayed 
his peculiar family trait - the gap toothed grin. Since his great, great 
grandsire, Alfred e' Neuman begat the proud line of his kinsmen, the genetic 
trait cropped up from time to time.
Not that it was unattractive. Many of the young women in their homeland would 
gather, giggle and gossip when Olaf passed by, audibly murmuring about the 
old Norse axiom regarding gap-toothed men and sexual prowess. And, no one, 
certainly, could best him in a spitting contest!
"Well," laughed Olaf, clapping Sven firmly on the back, " What do you think 
of that little side of bacon?" he said, smiling broadly and gesturing to the 
buxom, blond maiden. "There's a ham that you could nibble on all winter, eh?"
Sven felt the blood rise to his face. "Watch it," he growled, "lest my ax 
find its way into your pork chops!" But before the two could come to blows, a 
soft voice intervened. 
"Haven't we met before?" Her silky voice cooed. "I can't seem to recall - was 
it perhaps the Allthing last year?" Her blue eyes glowed with a depth of 
mischief. God she was fair! And just as rosy and pink as a little piglet!

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