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Marie Adams marie.adams at visionoflove.net
Thu Jul 17 07:25:47 PDT 2003

Your Grace,
I have asked my husband, Istvan Temesvari, regarding your question, and he
gave me additional information besides Madelina's. His answer is as
Judas Maccabees was fighting the Greeks, but more specifically, Antiochus
IV was of the Selucid dynasty. While he called himself Epiphanes, the Jews
gave him the title "Epimanes" (madman). According to 1 Maccabees 9 in the
Biblical Apocrypha, Bacchides and Alcimus were leading the army that
killed Judas, and it was dispatched by Demetrius.
As to the shield question, Istvan stated that shields were not decorated
heraldically until the late Middle Ages, so there would be no design on
the Greeks' shields.
Serena Dominicci

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, willow Taylor wrote:

> Dear fellow bards
> I have a challenge for you.
> A Duchess in 1203 France rushes down to where you are sitting and asked
> you this question?  Who was Judas Maccabee fighting when he was killed
> and what do they have on their shields? Quick, there is Largess in the
> answer. What will you tell her?
> Willow de Wisp
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