[Bards] What's your Favorite Piece?

Kevin Valliquette megrimulf at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 00:32:35 PDT 2003

Well, I suppose since Ulf mentioned my name, I'll go
ahead and pipe in here.

> >        What is your favorite song or poem that you
> have written, and why is
> > it your favorite?

Well, that would be a piece called "None of the Above"
or "I'm A Performer, Not A Writer, At Least To This
Date So Far."  Catchy, no?  This is also why I had not
given a reply on the subject before now.

> >        What is your favorite piece that another
> SCA bard has written and why
> > is that your favorite?  If you cannot just pick
> one try to keep it to 5 or
> > less.

Hmmm... so much great stuff out there, it's hard to
narrow down.

I would put Cianan O'dohmnaill's "Ansteorra Remains"
very close to, if not at, the top of the list.  It
stirs me every time.  It has that great "chest
swelling with Kingdom pride" quality to it.  Love it.

Also high on my list is "Loki's Song," by Master Mikal
the Ram, and there are a few reasons it is a favorite.
 One is the feeling I get when I perform it myself.
The subject matter, the words, the melody... it all
sort of gets under my skin when doing it next to a
fire.  More than once I've been accused of channeling
Loki during a performance. >:)  Then there's the fact
that, unlike a lot of other pieces, and no matter how
much I complain, I really never get tired of it, no
matter how many requests I get to do it again.  This
is a rare thing (and that carries over into my mundane
life, too, as I am a singer by trade).  And last, but
certainly not least, is the reactions I get when
performing it.  I freely admit to being an applause
junkie in mundane life, and in the SCA I don't mind it
a bit, either.

Other favorites include Ulf's "Harold Was A Herald,"
which he mentioned previously.  I'll also second him
on Bella's "Lady of Sorrows," and for the lighter side
"Olaf's House" (or "The Joke We Played on Olaf") by
Master Ragnar.

Anyway, just my (not so) quick $0.02


"all humor is offensive to somebody--if you do a joke,
somebody somewhere will find a way to be offended."

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