[Bards] Re: Favorite Performers

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Mon Jun 16 21:54:29 PDT 2003

> I would change the subject to favorite performers. List a few and tell us
> why are they interesting.

The greatest performer I've ever seen in the SCA was Master Ragnar
Ulfgarson. Ragnar was just amazing; he could stand in a T-shirt and shorts
in a mall at high noon and tell you a tale and make you think that you were
sitting in a Norwegian long house in the dead of winter. Ragnar could do it
all; he could write incredible drakkveat poetry, write songs, do comedy or
make you cry and half of the time he was making it up off the top of his
head. Not only was Ragnar the best performer I've ever seen in the SCA, but
he was in my opinion the best Lion we've ever had in this kingdom. (Kudos on
that choice when you sat the throne, Duchess Willow.)

A close second to Ragnar in my book would be Master Thomas of Tenby. Thomas
is a great performer - a great actor - but his poetry is even better.
Thomas' poetry is so graceful and well crafted that appears to simply flow
out of his pen without the slightest effort. Thomas showed me what was
possible in SCA performance and showed me the kind of performer I wanted to
be and he is a major reason that I ever began performing in the SCA.


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