[Bards] Favorite pieces

willow Taylor willowjonbardc at juno.com
Wed Jun 18 20:22:58 PDT 2003

I just love to listen to Count Finn. 

PS Kelly wrote a poem for the courtesy book I am trying to put together
and it is great. My computor crashed and ate the poem. Would you please
send me another copy?? I feel so bad. I have learned how to put in text
so it will not be lost. again. 

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:36:20 -0500 "Kelley Ross" <MyLadiMoon at msn.com>
> My favorite performer is and always will be my father, Count Sir Finn 
> Kelley O'Donnel.  He is the only bard who has ever made me cry.  I 
> might be a bit biased though...
> Always,
> Angelique
> >I would change the subject to favorite performers. List a few and 
> tell us
> why are they interesting.
> Ivar Battle Scald and his brother Freya are two of my favorite
> performers.  They put a lot of emotion into their performances. 
> Their
> works transformed me to another time. They were always doing heroic
> pieces, even their funny ones were heroic.
> Willow de Wisp

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