[Bards] On stage fright and confidence

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I don't know if helps those with stage fright to know this, but all of us
get nervous before we go on stage. It may or may not help to know that
you're not alone, but rest assured that you're not. I'm not suggesting that
everyone suffers from stage fright to the same degree, but it may help some
what to realize that there's not something wrong with you, that stage fright
is perfectly normal and that all performers deal with it to a degree.

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Even more to the point, though, is my severe stage
I guess you could say more than anything, lack of
confidence keeps me from competing. If anyone knows a
remedy for that, please share!

Lady Madelina de Lindesay

Lady Madelina:

When I started performing, I had terrible stage fright as well.  Like,
bursting into tears kind of stage fright.  Once I realized how little
control I had over it (and how much control it had over me), I decided it
had to go.  I viewed it much as someone telling me I *couldn't* do
something, and approached it with the attitude of "Well, I'll show you!"  It
became something to conquer.  Now, the stage fright is actually fun for me,
and if you can channel the energy into your performance, you'll be even
better.  I'm sure this approach won't work for everyone, but it worked for

Another important aspect of conquering stage fright (and building
confidence) is to perform more often.  It's really a catch-22 - the more you
perform, the more comfortable you'll feel (at least, that's the theory), but
you have to overcome the fear just to take the step of performing.  We have
a bardic practice on the fourth Wednesday of the month in Steppes - it would
be a bit of a hike for you, I'm sure, but we'd love to see you come and
perform (the same goes to anyone who would like to attend!).  If anyone
would like info on the practice, please let me know.


It's the little things in life... 


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