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That is truly a beautiful piece! It does you both justice.

Anna bat Chaim

At 08:33 AM 2/25/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>This latest sonnet is one I'm fairly proud of.  It's an acrostic praise 
>sonnet written for Her
>Excellency Oriana, Baroness of Bonwicke.  A fair bit of work went into 
>this poem.  I chose the
>early English sonnet form used by Sir Thomas Wyatt, which uses the 
>Petrarchan rhyme scheme.  I
>chose that because my persona is English (and I write in English) and 
>Baroness Oriana's persona is
>Italian, so it was my way of paying tribute to her nationality.  The 
>fits perfectly into the 14-line poem format, particularly in the division 
>of the Petrarchan
>octet-sestet format.  And praise poems were very period (many praise poems 
>were written for
>Elizabeth).  The piece was written as a thank you to Baroness Oriana for 
>some artwork she did for
>me.  Enjoy!
>~Alden Drake
>Sonnet 16 "For Oriana"
>Be still you doves and look to Bonwicke's keep
>And there await the dawn of Morning's light.
>Rejoice with she, who by her dawning bright,
>Outshines us all with grace that makes men weep.
>No dreams from Morpheus in my slumber deep,
>E'er could deter the end she brings to night.
>So luminous with spark'ling eyes alight,
>She wakes me, with a single glance, from sleep.
>Offending sun that sets the course of days,
>Reverse thy course; stay thy temporal hand.
>Inter thyself once more beyond the sea.
>A lady fair, who shines with golden rays,
>Now walks among us here upon the land
>And all men look to her for light to see.
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