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Wed Dec 13 10:45:18 PST 2006

I look at a local championship as being just that, local.  I have competed
for Steppes knowing I was just going to gain experience and not win, and I
have sung for the heralds at Bordermarch Melees to give them the experience.
But, since I live in Rosenfeld, how could I possibly represent Wiesenfeuer
or Bordermarch for instance by becoming their titled bard?  Would I have to
travel to every event the Baron and Baroness attend so I can perform my
duties properly?  I cannot afford that.  Winning a titled bard position just
so I can say I have is cheap to me and in my opinion cheapens the entire
competition.  And yes, I used the word duties.  These competitions are to
fill an office of honor and duty.  But give me an event that carries only
the knowledge that I now hold the golden can opener of bardic hospitality
(the winner is given the honor of opening any brown bottle waved before
them) and I will sing or tell a story there with gusto (and a wink or two
for the pretty ladies).

Charles O Floinn
Deputy Chatelaine,
Shire of Rosenfeld,
Kingdom of Ansteorra, SCA

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When it comes to local championships, I seldom see bards return to compete
where they've won a championship in the past.  On the other hand, I often
see people return to compete in martial championships that they have won
before.  In most venues, it's common that people don't compete when they are
the outgoing champion, so I'm not addressing that case here.

I'd like to know people's thoughts on this topic.  Why do you, or don't you,
compete in local championships you have won in the past?  What pros & cons
do you think this practice imparts on the bardic community?

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