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I, on the other hand, have never known a College of Bards, and I very much do consider myself a bard.  While I've never known a College of Bards, I have known a fair number of well-known and talented bards, who have inspired, encouraged, and educated me on the bardic arts.  I have also had the pleasure to know very supportive patrons of bardic arts (who are not bards themselves), who have likewise encouraged me.

While I encourage a more structured community for bards, I haven't lacked for the want of one.  College or no, I'll continue to strive to become a better bard.  Having a College might serve to help me become a better bard faster.  I think it will also help me become a better bardic teacher.


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The year was 1981 or so, and he was Lord Robin of Gilwell.  The College is why I'm a bard.  Without the College, I would be a fencer and a fighter and a herald and lots of other things, but I would not be a bard.  How many Robins have we missed because there was no official group at events to welcome them in?
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