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Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 6 09:07:44 PST 2006

>Cool. There's a process going on here, where ideas are being trotted  
>out to see if they will stand up to scrutiny.

Fair enough...I was just pointing out some possible perceptions or misperceptions for those of us not used to corisponding with you like this. 

>We all have finite time available to us. Most of us have jobs, kids,  
>commutes, etc... My son isn't quite up to the toddler stage yet. I'm  
>looking forward to that. :-)

Maybe we can exchange stories some time, "adventure" doesn't seen a powerful enough descriptor for fatherhood.

>By your own admission, you haven't read all of the emails. The  
>reasons given are there, in past emails, mostly from Robin. (If you  
>sort by sender, there aren't that many to go through.) 

let me address this, because I don't think that statement isn't entirely fair. 

First of all, I was unaware that Robin had answered the aforementioned questions. Had I known that, I certainly would have economized my review of the conversation thus far. 

You lordship Robin Please read no slight to my oversight here.

Second, I think I remember my wife commenting that she had some 53 new e-mails last night, and that the VAST majority of them were Bards list. This is not an easy topic to keep up on. And another thing to note, while none of us live in  social vacume, I would say that some of us are in a much better position to keep tabs on the conversation than others. This is not a slight, I envy people with consistent Internet connections during the day (my work computer has issues with the net).

But none the less, my statement was not one of refusal, but an admittance that I can not weave through all the e-mails without cutting into what time I have left, and thats not much. 

Was I brusque, yes, and probably more so than I should have been. 

However, if the standard is "read everything or don't ask questions" well, sorry, but I'm not cool with that. 

>Meaning no  
>disrespect, Ivo, but it's kinda rude to step into a dialog, choose  
>not to catch up, and ask questions (again) that have already been  

Okay, how hard would it have been for someone to reply to my questions with "See Robin's earlier posts"?

>I agree, and this has been stated by Robin in his posts here  
>(although he used a different metaphor about building a church and  
>not starting with the steeple).

I vaguely remember the steeple metaphor, and I remember liking it. 

>You know, your last few paragraphs sound remarkably familiar. It's  
>almost as though I'd read something along the same lines, somewhere  
>very recently... hmmm... where could that have been....? ;-)

Okay, So Master Robin and I agree on many things. My comments were not directed at him personally, or his statements. That I missed a chunk of his original posts is a failing on my part, and I do owe the man better than that.

That being said, I also read read a lot of posts that were still speaking in favor of the college idea. 

>Seriously, I think you've got some good thoughts. 
To say that during a disagreement is a mark of good character, let me take this moment to tip my hat to you. :)

>But I wish you'd  take the time to catch up before berating others for how they  
>communicate, or continuing to ask questions that have been addressed.

 that the questions have been address is a matter of opinion, and I would imagine that yours and mine on that topic would differ. 

As for the charge of Berating:

I am sorry if I came across that way. In the end, its not a stretch to see how one would read it as such. 

Now, please consider this:
I am NOT attacking you (personally or bards as a general group) But merely passing on comments and criticisms that I have been subjected to by people who hold bardic and bards in low opinion and/OR think that we BELONG in the the broom closet with the door closed. 

If you read what I wrote as an attack, I truly and honestly apologies, for one, I'm not here to pick a fight, at least not like that. ;) and for two: I group myself with those criticisms, and don't take such comments lightly. 

While we're on the subject of attacks, some people here might want to know that I have been told, to my face, in undiplomatic terms by several people of influence over the years, that their events-and even their whole SCA game-would be much better if the bards would just shut up and go home.

So, I humbly submit to you and the bardic list the following:

1) that to say we have our 'detractors' is an understatement
2) to not address the legitimate portions of their complaints a disservice to us and the kingdom. 

But These are probably best for another time and another thread. 

> Either way, you might  
>want to show up at 12th Night and follow the discussion there. 

Trust me, I want to come, but 12th Night is looking cost prohibitive for me, and I am not one to just shrug off a meeting of this importance. 

>Or just wait to see what comes out of that meeting. I'm  
>sure that a summary will be posted here and on the bardic web site.

I'm already clearing out my in-box to make room for the flood I am expecting following said chat. 

and to end,
Michael, you are  scholar and a gentlemen, 
It has been a pleasure.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk. 

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