[Bards] What was the best bardic circle you ever attended andwhy?

Meggan Cividanes harperaria at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 06:03:27 PST 2006

My most memorable bardic circle I would say is relatively easy to
pinpoint (favorite more difficult). Friday night of my first event (a
Mooneschadowe Guardian, I had been in the SCA for all of a week), I was
told there would be a bardic circle, so I wandered over to the dark
circle of benches. The first half hour was people (none of them
'bards') singing happily off key to a number of rowdy songs before they
went off for the fire watch. Nothing epic, but imminently enjoyable!
There was also no actual fire that night. Then, as they wandered off, a
voice came out of the darkness from across the circle. 

Someone had sat down in the dark while we had been singing. The voice
was male, and the nicest I had heard all night. Across the circle, all
I could 'see' was a braided beard, and the glow of a lit pipe. The man
was singing Circles, which I had never heard before. I joined in,
improvising harmony since I didn't yet know the words. A couple of
other voices joined as well. And there, under the trees in the dark, we
sang together. 

It was my first 'SCA Moment.'    


--- Darius <masterdarius at earthlink.net> wrote:

> the one I enjoyed most was at a Mead Bee war in the"wolf lodge"   we
> had audience. it was just really relaxing and fun
> the most memorable was the first one I was ever at. It was at
> Wolfstar Spring melees back in 92. and most of all I remember this...
> norseman steping out into the firelight and reciting a Poem I have
> come to hound him about. the norseman was Ulf and the Poem was
> "warriors in the mist"
> Darius

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