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  Shall we then save this newer form and cal it the "Aldenic Sonnet"??
  Elanor, just a bard

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  Thanks. I'm used to doing a couple edits on my poems, so these seem a bit rough to me, but I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I did manage one quick edit on the sonnet, and that made a difference.

The poem for Countess Sara is kind of interesting. I took a poetic form used by Sir John Davies, from his acrostic collection "Hymnes to Astraea" and altered it slightly. For starters, I did away with the acrostic. Then I changed the meter from 8-8-7-8-7, 8-8-7-8-7, 8-8-7-8-8-7 to 8-8-7-8-8-7, 8-8-7-8-8-7, 8-8. I also changed the rhyme scheme from A-A-B-A-B, C-C-D-C-D, E-E-F-G-G-F to A-A-B-A-A-B, C-C-D-C-C-D, E-E. It shortens the poem by two lines, but I like how it reads a lot. I also like the Iambic tetrameter punctuated with the lines that drop a syllable. Very fun to write.


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Alden, these are damned good!

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