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    I was about to make this same point but Robin got there first.  To my
mind a NSTIW story is making no attempt at a period feel or delivery.  Just
because it's about Ansteorran history does not make it a NSTIW story.


On Jan 7, 2008 8:55 AM, Jay Rudin <rudin at ev1.net> wrote:

> Donnchadh wrote:
> >I fear that I did not clearly convey my meaning in my original post.
> > When I spoke of "There I was" stories, I was thinking of the relay of
> > personal experiences seen and heard at SCA events.  Not that I
> > necessarily prefer them in their most crude and unfinished form.
> Oh.  Then we ran straight into a semantic issue, rather than a bardic one.
> I have always heard the term a "no-euphemism-there-I-was story" to mean a
> story told, usually with that exact opening line, specifcally to indicate
> that the teller has no interest in period forms or styles, and is just
> telling us a cool story about a modern rattan sport.  In the mid-80s in
> Calontir, the opening line was a *requirement*.

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