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By and large I would agree with you, ma'am, but written Critiques have their
place.  We are playing nobility, which means that, in many cultures our
personas would be literate as we are, so a written response is NOT
completely out of the question in a medieval environment.

There is something else to take into consideration.  People are not always
comfortable just walking up to each other and going 'hey what did you
think?'  A new judge might be nervous about telling one of the 'bardic
legends' what he or she did wrong.  A new performer might be nervous about
walking up to a peer or one of those same legends and asking for a face to
face critique.   Having commentary available in written form makes it a
little less personal, and a little less intimidating for some people.  Yes,
question and answer style is usually the most detailed, but if the person in
question is afraid to either offer or receive said commentary because of the
perceived status (because face when it comes to human interaction reality
takes a back seat to perception.) of the other party, no one gets ANY good
out of it.

~Lady Svetlana Volkova

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willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:

> There was a question on written  critique?
> I hate it. I have never gotten a written critique that didn't put my teeth
> on edge. I usually just go to the bottom of the page see who wrote it and go
> talk to them. This way I skip getting my feelings hurt.
> Also I didn't join a medieval culture group to experience modern written
> memos. I joined because I need and want human interaction.
> What makes a performance for someone and what ruins it is often something
> very subtle and I have met very few people who can express that kind of
> thing in the written form. A few minutes with a judge explaining how I came
> across to them is worth more in feedback than pages and pages of written
> comment.
> willow

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