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willowjonbardc at juno.com willowjonbardc at juno.com
Thu Jan 22 19:29:11 PST 2009

Yes I agree that a new judge might be nervous about telling me what I did wrong, but if they are that nervous they usually don't write a lot either. I do better if I go to the person and show that I am really interested in knowing what they think. 
The most common comment I get on my work in written format is "Not up to your standards." If I go to the judge I can get better feedback. 

On other things I have gotten all sorts of weird comments that don't make sense but when I went to talk to the person they were able to explain it to me. 

I'm just saying that all the written comment didn't do me much good. To get useful feedback I had to go to the judges and get the whole story. 

I have gotten my share of what appeared snippy or hateful comments or put downs or just plain stupid comments  in the written critique. Every time that I have gone to the people involved it just turned out that they expressed themselves in  a way I didn't understand and when we talked I learned useful things. 

I am not against written critique. I am just saying as a learning tool it has been not useful to me. 

I think we learned more and had more fun when we would talk to our judges.


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