[Bordermarch] A Feast To Behold!

CatalinaDQuevedo at aol.com CatalinaDQuevedo at aol.com
Wed Jun 13 13:40:15 PDT 2007

Yesterday Christina and I had the pleasure of having dinner at Mistress  
Countess Tessa and Sir Simmonn's home.  Mistress Tessa was gracious enough  to 
offer me some cuban oregano, fresh dill, purple basil, rosemary and some  other 
herbs to help start an herb garden for my new porch.   When we  arrived she'd 
prepared a lovely period feast for the eyes and palet!  We  dined on roasted 
chicken basted with fresh rosemary and other herbs from her  garden. Meatpies 
filled with minced cabbage, mushrooms simmered in honey meade  and ground 
sirloin.  Wonderful turnips cooked with only the slightest bit  of butter.  Peas 
parridge(just like the nursery rhyme) and for dessert pear  halves covered with a 
raspberry puree.  It was an absolutely delicious  meal.   I just my 
descriptive skills were not so inadequate!  I  know you are always looking for things 
that people are doing, I thought you like  to know about this.  I took pictures 
if you'd like to see them.
Hope every one is having a wonderful summer,

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