[Bordermarch] Important Stuffing

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Sep 2 05:56:45 PDT 2010

Mon Couite per Julese,

Fighter practice tonight at Rogers Park on the corner of Dowlen Rd and Gladys St. 7:00pmish.

Unto James of Orange, I'll be bringing the second half of your shield press to fighter practice, OH JOY!

I talked with Lord Nikolai yesterday.

HE Elisabeth recently purchased a hat that looks for all the world like a monkey!

I have a new sock-puppet and I have name him Geppetto. He is green and has big eyes that protrude from his head. HE Elisabeth and Harley, my 2yr-old granddaughter, laugh and laugh when Geppetto eats one of his eyes!

Have you started on your A&S project to place in our Populace Choice contest at BAM? Since there is no theme this year, your entry can be anything.
Perhaps you could enter a scroll you've done, or a piece of Black-Work, (Jillian and Amber Lea), or some form of libation, maybe even one of those clay ashtrays.
There are no forms to fill out, no documentation is necessary, just bring your stuff.

For those who are camping with the baronial encampment, but are without a tent, I've got some extra 50 gallon garbage bags you can us.

Lady Jillian is the keeper of the food list for the baronial meal at our encampment during BAM. Not everyone has signed up to bring something yet.
I've signed up to bring a can of corn, perhaps two cans, but I now wonder if they should be large cans or small cans.

If no one has signed up to bring pepperoni slices, I'll bring some.

Word is Lord Phocas and Lord Adolf will be using a rosebud this weekend, sounds exciting!
Lord Aaron Whitewolf will NOT be with them.

Don't know if Sir Simonn has built another shed yet, but I know he's thinking about it.

HE Santiago

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