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The shields you made were beautiful!  I really like the subtle silver "ram 
outline" you so artistically included.

Gardening:  I harvested only a few peppers, tomatoes, squash; high 
temperature and lack of rain result in very low production.
Pampered  (water and weeded almost daily in hot summer) the basil plants 
that are growing 3 feet high and they are ready to reseed.
Have plenty of basil and rosemary to share with any who would like fresh.

Prepared breakfast for Crown at Baronials; fighter biscuits w/ suasage & 
herbs & cheese, and citrus.
Gifts given at Baronials:  Bottled several of olive oil w homegrown rosemary 
& basil, garlic, & tarragon.
Baked homemade breads, habanero pork, and green salad to share at table for 
Researched and submitted an article to Trumpeter on tagines, for cooking 

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So, what did everyone get done in the world of A&S last month? I managed to 
get 2 full sized and 4 mini shields built and painted in time to be awarded 
to the Champions at Baronials and entered them into our A&S competition at 
the event. I also prepared a class on Shield Design.
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