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Theresa Liddle-Bernsen cre8tivtess at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 06:24:39 PDT 2012

I have been making jewelry since November, some period some not, going to start pottery probably next month. If there is anyone that has any Large leaf plants that would let me have some leaves, I would greatly appreciate them.
Went to Gulf Wars made lampwork beads (some of them did not make it, they stuck to the rods because the coating used was not thick enough, but I am going to use the shards for something, not sure what yet); made rose, ginger & patchouli beads (they all smell nice) got the recipe so I will bring it to guild meeting for anyone who is interested. 
I also watched a lady do chinese braiding it was very beautiful, it is a flat braid and you need a loom (seemed simple enough to make, I am going to try to remember what it looked like to make a pattern), it is different from the Kumihimo braiding I have been making. Love the kumihimo braiding, a lot of the jewelry I made has kumihimo cords on them, will bring them to guild meeting to show you. I think that is all but if I remember anything else I will let you know.

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen
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It is time again for everyone to tell me what they have been doing the past month...and since my post got bounced back at me last month, tell me what you were doing then if you can remember!  Last month, with all of the rain, my A&S activities were limited to making a second batch of marmalade using kumquats that I procured from Theresa's house in the dead of night.  This month, I have been making a few tweaks to my armor at the armory,  playing with my vinegaroon dye solution, and building a few raised beds for a vegetable garden.
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