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Unto the populace of Ansteorra,

This is a letter that was written by Sir Galen, I have posted it to you for your help and support of Sir Badon. I was a witness for Sir Badon in his trail. I was horrified
by the miscarriage of justice and how it can happen to anyone and I mean anyone!!!!!!! The way the laws is written if someone sends you child porno and you open it up and
down load it unaware what you are opening. You can be charged with the same crime as Badon. the FBI monitors this on a regular basis. Please read this read and help in
every way you possibly can. If you help with money, prays or writing a simple letter, Please do so!!! Also if you belong to another list out side of the Kingdom please post
it to that list. We would like it to run across to whole known world for support and prays. Thank you Marguerite    
Please note the address change on the web site and the personal e-mail!

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