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April Gillilan agillil at
Sun Jan 23 20:53:40 PST 2000

Hey everyone, Gilyan from Mooneschadowe here...

I am looking for some information on which groups have which zip codes,
how many members they have, how many peers and of which peerage
(including past royals), how long the group has been around, and any
other information you may know of that would be of a similar nature.

You are probably wondering why I want this information. I shall tell
you. I am thinking about doing a project for my computer cartography
class that involves making a map of Ansteorra and delineates how much and where
exactly what group has land. I would also like to do some
statistical/spatial analysis on which groups have the most members per
capita/income level, the most/which kinds of peers, how long they have
been in existence, and anything else I can get my hands on. The amount
of information I can find will determine whether I do the project or not
(at least for the class), as my instructor has said that there must be a
"good amount" of information and work put into the project.

I have also been thinking about making a map of the Gulf Wars site
(which I will most likely eventually do, just because), but my professor
said that it would probably be too difficult to find all the base
information I would need in the short amount of time that I have for the

Anyway, I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate any help anyone could give me
on finding this information, or even if it is out there and available for
this sort of thing. Feel free to respond to me privately if you would

Thanks again,
Gilyan        :)

mka: April Gillilan
agillil at

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