CR - Attn: Stargate and friends going to Gulf Wars

Kathryn Norris kati at
Sat Jan 29 12:04:46 PST 2000

If you are part of Stargate, West Gate, Gate's Edge, or  Loch Sollier,
please contact me with the following information ASAP:

	Names (both SCA and mundane) of all campers
	phone number
	prefered email address for these communications
	tent size
	if you have a group started, do you have a group name and someone I can
	and most importantly: are you pre-registered for Gulf Wars?

I will be requesting land space for each group and that we would like to
camp next to each other.  Lucais will need the list of names and all must be
pre-registered by March 1.  I would really like to get this out by Feb. 15
if at all possible. We will have groups of no more than 20 people, but we
can try to get the groups next to each other.

After the names are collected, I will contact the groups and it will be up
to each group to meet and decide campground rules and if you want to cook
and clean up together.  I will only be sending in the land request and
sending information to the group leaders.

Because camping space at Gulf Wars is valued due to the popularity of the
war, it is strongly recommended that you reserve space ahead of time.
Please do not plan to just show up and camp in one of these areas without
advanced notice.  We are only given 15 square feet of camping space per
person and that is used up quickly.

If you are new to the SCA or our area and don't know anyone, please let me
know and we'll find you a place.
I will also bring bringing this up at Stargate's next Populace meeting.

Many thanks all,
Kathryn Norris - Houston Tx USA
Caitlin bean Ghearailt - Barony of Stargate - Kingdom of Ansteorra
Per pale gules and argent, a roundel and bordure counterchanged

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