[Coastal] FW: Vivat the Coast!! (Lord of the Rings Demo)

Signora Mea Passavanti ldy_passavanti at ev1.net
Sat Jun 4 18:32:00 PDT 2005

My friends!
Before sleep takes over, I must tell you how thankful I am to be among
such wonderful people! As you all know, the Lord of the Rings exhibit
opened Friday evening at midnight at the Houston Museum of natural
Science. The SCA was asked to host a demo for this occasion, and in a
very short amount of time, the coastal area showed its passion for this
game that we play. The great barony of Stargate with her canton of
Westgate in conjunction with the unfaltering assistance of the baronies
of Loch Sollier and Ravensfort, and the shires of GatesEdge, Seawinds
and Greywood put on a show that amazed all those who visited with us.
>From these wonderful lands, no less than 71 - Yes 71!!! Individuals came
out to represent the coast and the surrounding area with their fighting
prowess, equestrian skills, wonderful A&S displays, and lovely bardic
and dance. This demo was not for the faint of heart by any means and
lasted from 10pm until 6am this morning. There is much to report
friends, but I will send another missive soon with all activities
included. (once I've had more than 2 hours sleep.)
Until then, I remain proudly in service to King and Kingdom,
Lady Mea Passavanti
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