[Coastal] LotR Opening Night Demo Huge Success (Revisited)

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Greetings all:  The following failed to send to the lists Saturday for
the BandB account is not the registered email address. We regret the
delay in presenting this word fame and expresiing our gratitude.

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Subject: LotR Opening Night Demo Huge Success
We wish to express our gratitude to the over 60 gentles
representing Gates Edge, Loch Soillier, Ravensfort, Stargate and
Westgate -- and perhaps other groups of which we are not yet aware
-- who participated in the opening night Lord of the Rings demo at
The Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Bards, artisans,
equestrians, fighters of every ilk, scribes and a trebuchet team
displayed their talents and provided information to a most
appreciative public. Others added their considerable logistical
and support skills.

It was a long, yet enjoyable, night. Numerous kudos go out to
everyone who responded so well to the call to service.  Especial
thanks to our demo coordinators, Lady Elizabetta de Medici and
Lady Mea Passavanti, who would quickly remind us that it could not
have been the successful evening it was without each and every

The demo continues today and tomorrow, next weekend and the final
weekend of the exhibit, August 27-28th.  Please join us as we
demonstrate the wonderful world of the SCA.  You may register at

Ihon & Isabeau
Baron & Baroness of Stargate

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