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Sun Apr 8 22:31:33 PDT 2007

Greeting Fellow Coastal,
The idea of a semipermanent structures does not sound too half bad to me. I personally and several Seawinders would be interested to donate $$ to the individual that hauled the Bordermarch BFT this year.
I feel that a more permentent structure would have the support of several individuals in the south coastal region if given the opportunity to donate and participate in the discussion. Seawinds did have 24 members and associates at War this year. We loved camping along side the other Salty Dogs of the Coastal region!
A building on this private property would have to come from personal pockets. Seawinds has been doing research into straw bale construction for our site at the Duval County Park. We are looking to make a castle wall. The cost can be quite affordable here in South Texas. Farming is a way of life; grain and hay sources are plentiful depending on drought. It may be not so plentiful in Mississippi. 
Cob homes are PERIOD!
Met this man and got a copy of the CD ( check out the door): 
We could make a hall out of straw! 
 Just thoughts,
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