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Mon Apr 9 05:54:58 PDT 2007

The advantages of straw buildings are they very well insulated (from both heat and cold) and relatively inexpensive.  You might want to consider though - the only places I've heard of them being built are very dry.  I suspect the high humidity along the rest of the Gulf Coast will provide you with "moister" straw than you want to be sealing up - can you folks in the greater Houston area say "mold"?
 Even though I haven't made it to war in a few years, I helped construct Loch's oven. And I would certainly donate for and vote for a permanent structure (if allowed by site).  I agree with the idea of just a cover.  It is possible to add walls later, or even bring canvas or tarps to create moveable walls to hang where you need them depending on the weater or planned activities.
--Katharyn Clatworthy

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