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Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 19:44:33 PST 2007

As many of you remember, I was pretty vocal last year
about the Coastal Army not having an identity last
year during Gulf War.  Our unit was broken up by just
about any "commander" that wanted bodies.  I feel that
we were pretty much used as fodder where ever bodies
were needed instead of being used as a unit of any

I would like to see that changed.

We know who we are and it is time for us to show the
rest of the Ansteorran Army who we are.  But how?

The easiest way, of course, is visually.  Armory,
Heraldry, whatever you want to call it.

We want to show we are part of the Ansteorran Army,
because we are Ansteorrans!  (And it might help us
from being munched by friendly fire.) But, we also
want everyone to see we are a unit on the field.  

So, the easy thing is tabards/surcoats.  There were a
lot of ideas for designs floating around at the end of
War last year.

So lets hear them!

Here is mine:

Ansteorran gold and blue with the Black Star.  The
gold would cut the body from below the left arm to the
right waist with the Black Star centered and
completely in the gold.  The blue would be the rest of
it.  In addition, unit identification (Defenders of
the Coast, the Blue Company, Company of St. Sabastian,
etc.)  could be put on the left side shoulder area. 
The Ansteorran Gold with the Black Star whoud be the
tie to the Ansteorran Army while the blue would be for
the water of the Gulf along the Coast.  (OK, a bit of
poetic license since I ain't never seen blue water in
Galveston Bay.)

Yes, the King may request us to wear the standard
Ansteorran Tabards, but my thought on this is if any
other unit wears their tabards instead of the
Ansteorran Tabards, perhaps we should wear ours,
especially if it is the only ones we brought.

I would like us to come to a decision in plenty of
time to be able to put them together for War this year
if we could.

BTW: I haven't forgotten the building of a structure
on the Coastal Land and I would like to get together
at Gulf War this year to talk about this more
completely.  Perhaps we could put some ideas down on

William Westcot of Welewen

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