[Coastal] Coastal Identity

Dez desweds at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 20:08:04 PST 2007


> BTW: I haven't forgotten the building of a structure
> on the Coastal Land and I would like to get together
> at Gulf War this year to talk about this more
> completely.  Perhaps we could put some ideas down on
> paper.

Oooh, Baron William, you wicked temptress! I had no idea that this was
a matter of serious consideration. A structure that my siege machines
could attack/defend? Boo Yah! Feel free to assume on the full support
of the ever-growing siege community in this endeavor. Were do I sign!

> We know who we are and it is time for us to show the
> rest of the Ansteorran Army who we are.  But how?
> The easiest way, of course, is visually.  Armory,
> Heraldry, whatever you want to call it.

I personally would like to see the retention of the original, proud,
Coastal Red and Blue. May I forward for consideration the original
diagonal Red/Blue with a large black Ansteorroan Star on a yellow
roundel on the chest? This would allow us to reuse our old
tabards/tunics with a minimum of sewing.

I dont know how to describe this in proper heraldric terms. Brian,
please translate for me!


"Whoever the evil genius is that figured out how to condition people
to laugh someone off the stage when they dare suggest that we are
powerful, creative, and multidimensional spiritual beings...
apparently did a good job." - Joey Two Pens

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