[Coastal] Coastal Identity

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 20:59:47 PST 2007

Lord Miguel,
   I do agree with you on the retention of our Blue & Red tabards, though I
would suggest, instead of a roundel, an escutcheon (shield shape).  So it
would be "Per bend, azure and gules, on an escutcheon Or, a mullet of five
greater and five lesser points sable"....or, in a language that non-geeks, I
mean non-heralds, can understand: a diagonal going from top left to bottom
right (as you are facing it) with blue on top and red on bottom and a gold
shield in the center with the Ansteorran Star on it.

Another question is do we want to use just the star or the populace badge
(adding an orle)?  Of course, this in unregisterable, but it could look
great on the field!


On 11/14/07, Dez <desweds at gmail.com> wrote:
> I personally would like to see the retention of the original, proud,
> Coastal Red and Blue. May I forward for consideration the original
> diagonal Red/Blue with a large black Ansteorroan Star on a yellow
> roundel on the chest? This would allow us to reuse our old
> tabards/tunics with a minimum of sewing.
> I dont know how to describe this in proper heraldric terms. Brian,
> please translate for me!
> Miguel

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