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Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 04:42:09 PST 2007

Please remember that the red and blue tabards are for
a unit within the Coastal Army - the Defenders of the


--- Brian O'hUilliam <brianoftheloch at gmail.com> wrote:

> Lord Miguel,
>    I do agree with you on the retention of our Blue
> & Red tabards, though I
> would suggest, instead of a roundel, an escutcheon
> (shield shape).  So it
> would be "Per bend, azure and gules, on an
> escutcheon Or, a mullet of five
> greater and five lesser points sable"....or, in a
> language that non-geeks, I
> mean non-heralds, can understand: a diagonal going
> from top left to bottom
> right (as you are facing it) with blue on top and
> red on bottom and a gold
> shield in the center with the Ansteorran Star on it.
> Another question is do we want to use just the star
> or the populace badge
> (adding an orle)?  Of course, this in
> unregisterable, but it could look
> great on the field!
> Brian
> On 11/14/07, Dez <desweds at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I personally would like to see the retention of
> the original, proud,
> > Coastal Red and Blue. May I forward for
> consideration the original
> > diagonal Red/Blue with a large black Ansteorroan
> Star on a yellow
> > roundel on the chest? This would allow us to reuse
> our old
> > tabards/tunics with a minimum of sewing.
> >
> > I dont know how to describe this in proper
> heraldric terms. Brian,
> > please translate for me!
> >
> > Miguel
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