[DFT] re: Have you started your banner stand???

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 15 05:12:10 PST 2004

19 days and counting. Dragonsfire Tor will be hosting its first Banner Stand 
competition at Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel Dec. 4th in Stephenville.

Banner stands do not have to be period.(Although hard work and research 
always gets extra points) Do you have some PCV and nothing to do with it? 
Paint it and it is a banner stand. Got a couple of 2X4’s and a curtain rod. 
Bet you could make something with that. Do you have a forge in you back 
yard? Forge a banner stand. Are you good with knots? Decorate a banner 
stand. Have an old coat hanger stand you used to place your little 
brother/sister on as a kid. Use it and create a banner stand.

For those of you that are skilled in woodworking here is a link to give you 
some ideas.


The basic rules are:

Points will be given for:
The banner itself will only count for 5 points. The stand itself is what is 
really being judged.

Banner stand guidelines:

No higher than 6 feet
No wider than 6 feet
Must stand alone
Many not scratch the surface it is on
It must be able to be carried into the hall
May be made out of any material
Can be decorated in any fashion
Must hold a banner of your choice

So come one, come all and decorate the hall. Let’s show them how Ansteorrans 
take up the challenge.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

See you there,

Lady Janie

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